Jergenovo zahraniční okénko – Sebastian Hertler (GER)

Dneska se spolu podíváme na zoubek nejlepšímu evropanu na závodním okruhu.
Sebastian Hertler je německý rodák ze Stuttgartu, který v loňské sezóně předvedl, že má ve světě co nabídnout a všem ukázal, že v Evropě se to s downhillem myslí vážně. Basti zajel v roce 2014 celkově 5. místo ve světovém poháru a proto jsme se rozhodli, že je na čase aby nám také o sobě něco řekl. 

Připravili jsme si pro něj tedy pár otázek, exlusivně pro SkateFrame.cz Sebastian Hertler:


Hi Sebastian,

congratulations on your awesome season 2014, we were very pleased to watch your progress and accomplishments! How do you feel about all that?

I’m still super stocked about it..
It was really an interesting experience to be part of the world circuit. And it was just a half of it for me. It would be a dream to do the whole year!

Can you recap your 2014 season a bit and let us know, what are your preparations for 2015 season?
Last year was a blast and my biggest session ever – with 18 races…
The summer was long and hot for me, when I was coming back home from Africa in December it was winter and fucking cold at home in Stuttgart.

It’s a long story to tell you all of what happened during my skate trip.
But in general I can tell you that in every country there are really fast people and concrete is not concrete:) I took my chances a lot during racing but it was nice to feel the difference and the vibes of  South America…

A really special thing was TEUTONIA it’s real old and mental race!
It’s older than I knew. I think something like 11 years.
When I started with Downhill skating it was back in the days when Teutonia was the IGSA World Championship and for me something like “mecca of downhill”:)

I was super nervous there because I was waiting for sooo long to be there and I was happy and excited that it is finally happening for me!
At the first Drop I felt like a beginner..

Everyone who feels to be a Downhill skater should go there!
I can say with ease that it’s one of the most spiritual things you can find!!

You’ve kicked North Americans in the ass, are you going to race this hard in 2015 again? Can we look forward to see you on the podiums around the world?

It’s winter now therefor time for planning.
I hope I’ll be able to repeat it again and achieve even more!

But it’s a lot of money from my own pocket.. And working is hard too!
I spent around 10.000€ from my own last year.

Why is it you always win the consi. finals?

Please tell me!! Than I can change it
Ha Ha

I think you are one of the coolest and most easygoing guys on the hill, what is going on in your head during the race?

Ha Ha … for sure!:D
I think it’s because none of my sponsors expects me to make any results in the races, so I’m free in my mind and I don’t have any pressure on me unlike the other riders.
And I love to race fast also, so I’m like a fish in the water.
By the way: My good friends are saying that: “The angrier I look – the happier I am”.:DBasti1

Here are some fast ones:

Foot breaking or sliding?
Both so that nobody knows what will happen:)
Also depending on the track, sometimes its faster to slide,sometimes to foot brake

Wood or carbon?

Carbon makes it really to a Racing sport!!

Goofy or regular?
Goofy.. Sorry I’m too stupid for Switch stuff.. ;(

Beer or schnapps?
Ha Ha Who knows me personally knows that at first I drink beer and than a lot of Jägermeister!

Dogs or cats?
1. I have no time to own an animal. I mean it should not wait alone the whole day at home!
2. Normally animals should live in the free nature….

What do you do for living?
I’m a Landscape gardener and I really Love my job!!!!

With the Czech Republic so close, are you going to come to race in the Czech national championship in 2015? ( Crocan wishes you don’t haha!!)

I hope to race wide diversity of the tracks and I will definitely come this year to your nice events more than I did last year!
How is Crocan ? Should I really stand away? Is it shit when I show up?;)
poznámka redaktora :”Marku”?:)
Thank you Sebastian for your time! Hope to see you at Kozakov 2015 and other Czech races.
Any message for the Czech community?
I have the CZ race calendar for 2015 and I will send the German one to Skate Frame so that you guys can enjoy our races also!!

Thanks for your time!!!!!
See you soon my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Skate Safe!!

Iterview by Jergen